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27th-May-2020 10:34 pm - FRIENDS-ONLY

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Friends-only journal. Comment to add. I won't add everybody.
I want to have at least talked to you sometime on LJ.
Also: I write slash. MALExMALE. Don't add me if you aren't comfortable with that or anything having to do with homosexuality.

And we should have a few things in common.


Johnny Depp Fan
Jorli / Depp yaoi lover (Includes Turrow)
Frequent slash fan or reader

Here are all the pairings that I ship:
Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom
Johnnie Dillinger/Billie Frechette
Connor McManus/Murphy McManus
Jack Sparrow/Will Turner
Jack Sparrow/Hector Barbossa
Jim Halpert/Pam Beesely
Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor
Lestat de Lioncourt/Louis de Pointe du Lac
Doug Penhall/Tom Hanson
Booker/Tom Hanson
Any slash pairing that features Viktor Krum (Stanislav Ianevski) from the HP: Goblet of Fire movie

Depp-Slash Pairings:
Sheldon Jeffery Sands/George Jung
Gilbert Grape/Sam
Dean Corso/Mort Rainey
Ed Wood/Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker
Wade Walker/Axel Blackmar
The London Trio
(Sweeney Todd/Fredrick Abberline/Ichabod Crane)
The Burton Trio
(The Mad Hatter/Willy Wonka/Edward Scissorhands)
Spencer Armacost/Gene Watson
And pretty much anything you can think of when pairing a Depp character with another Depp character.
The possibilities are almost endless!


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